Infants & Children

Pediatric sessions are loosely structured, allowing little ones and their family members to feel safe, secure and supported. Depending on mobility, we may work on foam tiles on the floor, allowing for moving about in whatever way feels appropriate. Some toys reside at the treatment space, and it is always encouraged to bring favorite toys to help kiddos stay engaged during the session.


Caretakers are always encouraged to attend sessions. Because the effects of bonds between child and caregiver are far-reaching, it is beneficial to treat caregivers as part of the child’s process, either during the same session or in a separate adult session. Sleeping toddlers and babies in arms can be treated on the table alongside a caregiver.


Taking into account many variables, teenagers may choose to be treated without a chaperone present in the treatment room, based on the comfort level of the teen, the caregiver and the therapist.