Owen was only able to crawl a few feet at the time we started craniosacral therapy and after the second treatment, he was able to crawl all around the living room. His distance and speed with crawling have continued to improve. We have also noticed improved mood, sleep, and appetite. Lastly, craniosacral has helped him vocalize more sounds and words. Thank you very much Patricia.

Josh, Father of Owen / Cerbral Palsy

“I really realized the correlation between trauma and how my body reacts to trauma. My mind holds memories. My physical body holds memories too, down to the cellular level, really. I go back to [the symbol of] the bottle. The cork was almost taken off.  A bunch of pressure was moved or shifted. I was able to talk about a lot of thigs all in one session. Normally the access to those things, the lid is on too tight. I really think facing a lot of things I haven’t thought about in a long time has to do with not sleeping and depression. On the flip side, I feel more at peace though, than I have in a long time."


“After a car accident I enlisted the services of Patricia to assist in my recovery .Her work was critical in helping me regain my mobility.  Thank you Patricia!"


“It wasn't long before I realized how intuitive, patient, and caring she is and I gladly received her suggestions for improved health as I was struggling through my chemotherapy treatments.  She is a wonderful listener and I felt safe and comfortable in the space she created.  Each session was a growing, healing experience and well worth the time, effort, and money that was spent. "


“I was involved in rear-end collision.  I thought I had escaped injury, until after a few days I was experiencing vertigo.  After two sessions with Patricia my vertigo was gone.  Patricia also helped ease the constriction of my sinuses and lungs when I was experiencing a severe case of bronchitis, and allowed me to get back to enjoying walks with my dogs."


“Suffering from anxiety, I was looking for a way to find relaxation, thinking a simple massage would do that. Through CranioSacral Therapy, I found instead, a way to understand what contributed to and caused my anxiety. I learned that emotional and physical trauma stay with your body.  Buried memories and learned behaviors contribute to the reason you make the decisions you do throughout your life. Working with Patricia, I found a 'safe place' environment to deal with these issues. There is not judgement, only patience and help through the healing. After a few sessions, I knew that had found where I was supposed to be to start the healing."


“I have been working with Patricia for a couple of years now. The focus of our sessions has been on healing my spine, digestion, and SomatoEmotional release. Each session is different and opens up a different layer of healing for me. I have faced heavy emotional cellular memories and have been blessed with the opportunity to heal them. CranioSacral Therapy has deepened my journey into self inquiry and has given me the gift of seeing myself and experiencing the present moment. I have experienced resistance, guilt, grief, sadness, anger, and acceptance and have learned how to experience each emotion fully. Patricia is intuitive and provides me a safe and healing space for me during each session we have together. She gives me the space I need to heal, learn, and grow. I am so grateful for her and CranioSacral Therapy."


“Patricia’s expertise goes beyond that of a talented CranioSacral Therapist. I felt that she was invested in my wellbeing and supportive of my particular journey a way that most practitioners are not. I showed up with chronic pain and intractable digestive issues along with LOTS of doubt. I’m rather curious and analytical by disposition, so I was excited to try CST but also highly skeptical. Patricia helped me to edge my way through that skepticism and to have experiences which ultimately bolstered my position with regard to health, emotion and wellbeing. Her approach is perspectivally inclusive and distinctly intelligent… almost scientific. She’s careful to listen and not to preach any particular perspective with regard to what one should be doing or experiencing. I would go so far as to say that she embodies many of the values exemplified by shamans and healers of ages past in that she is simultaneously supportive, open, and challenging. I was used to doctors and practitioners telling me what to do and/or performing various treatments on me, but she expected me to actually engage with the process and to participate in my own healing, which I’ve since learned is a normal component of traditional approaches to healing. For me, it was uniquely constructive"