What to Expect


Your session will begin with a brief discussion of CranioSacral Therapy and your goals for treatment. When we are ready for treatment, you will remain fully clothed, removing any glasses, shoes, belt and cumbersome jewelry. Usually adults begin a session laying face-up on the treatment table. Accommodations are made for clients with difficulty lying down or lying flat. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe.


As therapeutic touch begins, you will feel light pressure (about the weight of a nickel) at various places on the surface of your body from head to toe.  After a brief whole-body assessment we will settle into the therapeutic process. As the therapy begins to support the nervous system, you may begin to feel deeply relaxed or may become aware of various sensations throughout the body.  It is possible to experience emotions spontaneously rising to the surface, or images fleeting through your mind. Some sessions are done in virtual silence while others may involve talking. Depending on many variables, dialogue techniques may be used to deepen the therapeutic process.

By regularly monitoring the CranioSacral rhythm and gently inviting releases, the therapy helps facilitate your body’s natural healing process. As the therapist, I must not have an agenda for your therapeutic process, but rather follow the innate wisdom of your body.

Sessions are 60 minutes of hands-on treatment.  Please allow 75 minutes for your first session so we may discuss the therapy and your goals for treatment. 

There is no distinction between CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release sessions.  Each session begins with basic CranioSacral techniques.  SomatoEmotional techniques are utilized as appropriate, depending on your presentation  at any given session.